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Vacuum Forming Temperature Forming Oct 26, 2017

The gap between the yin modes is too small. The distance between the molds should be enlarged appropriately. Improper setting of vacuum hole. The setting position of the vacuum hole should be changed. In the vacuum molding, the product should be in the die in the final part of the stretch to open a vacuum hole. In particular, a large number of vacuum holes should be set up in this area when a small surface pattern with a concave-convex shape is needed. In order to avoid the residual air between the mold and the sheet, it is advisable to open the vacuum hole in the middle of the planar part by 75mm or so.Vacuum Forming

The heating temperature of sheet metal is too high. The heating temperature should be lowered and the heating time should be shortened. The sheet orientation is too large. Can use the lattice-like pattern of yin, suction bad. Should check whether the gas pumping system has a leak, the hole is blocked, if there is no leakage and plugging problems, should be appropriate to increase the pumping hole or replace the suction pump with a higher vacuum. Mold cavity surface is too clean. Sandblasting treatment should be carried out. Products shrink away from the die wall. For thick-walled products, it is difficult to avoid the shrinkage die wall if only by vacuum suction, the inside of the product should be increased by 0. 3-0. 4MPa pressure-assisted molding.Vacuum Forming

Vacuum is bad. Should check whether the hole is blocked, if no blockage, should be properly increased or enlarged pumping hole. The suction speed is too slow. The following methods can be used to eliminate: inspection of the pumping system, as far as possible using vacuum slit instead of vacuum holes. Replace the vacuum pump with larger suction gas, and accelerate the pumping. The use of large diameter suction pipe, valve and tee, etc., should avoid the sudden bending of the suction pipe line. Check the suction pipe line and seal the leaking area. Insufficient pressure. The following methods can be used to eliminate: the appropriate increase in air pressure, with O. The air around 2MPa presses the sheet into the mold wall. Use frame boosters to help shape. Use other means such as plunger to help pressure.Vacuum Forming

Vacuum blister Molding is one of the most commonly used molding methods in plastic packaging containers. It is a two-time molding technology which takes thermoplastic plastic sheet as the forming object. In foreign countries, vacuum blister molding is an old molding process, as a result of continuous development and change, has been highly automated, mechanized, and to achieve no waste material produced, 100% of the original auxiliary materials into products. Full-line production of molding systems engineering.Vacuum Forming