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Manufacture Technology Of Advertising Products Vacuum Forming Oct 17, 2017

After the mold is completely dry, the mould is loaded into the upper plate of the vacuum chamber. Then, according to the size of the mold, the sheet material will be cut into the applicable size. Then put the sheet into the furnace oven, so that it can be completely fixed and then soften treatment. The softening-treated sheet is hot and then pulled to the top of the blister mold; the softening sheet is adsorbed to the surface of the mould, and the cooling water is sprayed on the surface of the forming sheet and hardened, and the molded sheet is then automatically pulled to the storage box, and the pneumatic cutter is separated from the molding sheet to complete the whole process.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming Electroplating copper, the process is to play a good sample of the shell surface sprayed with a conductive agent, and then placed in the electrolytic tank plating thick copper layer; Electroplating process takes 72 hours. Then to copper to plaster (increase hardness), polishing, the eye treatment of air pump. The advantage of electroplating copper production is that the surface of the blister products is smooth, the cost is moderate and the durability is moderate. The disadvantage is the mold production cycle is long, can not complete the production of precision blister products.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming

On the Light box screen printing and screen printing other printing materials are different, but also a certain degree of difficulty. The former is in transparent or translucent substrate printing, and the latter is in the opaque substrate printing, it must be noted from the Seihan to the whole process of production consistency and attention to the light box advertising images may adversely affect the factors. First of all, to regulate the four-color screen printing directly affect the ink-box advertising image thickness and uniformity.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming Screen Printing Lightbox Advertising, select the applicable screen printing machine is very important. The screen printing machine requirements must have a uniform scraping board pressure and speed to run. Because of the best results for printing, consider using a large-area semi-automatic screen printing machine, even with such a screen printer. When printing, you also need to check whether the scraping board is moving at an even speed without swinging.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming

The use of blister aluminum mold, mold production needs to first use computer design drawings, and then CNC Milling machine processing. The advantage is the production cycle is moderate, the late mold processing time is short (drilling Baken work in the CNC processing), blister products of high dimensional precision, mold durability strong. The disadvantage is the high cost.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming