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Functional Properties Of Plastic Tray Oct 26, 2017

The proper use of pallets should be made to pack the goods on pallets and add appropriate strapping and wrapping to facilitate mechanical handling and transportation, thus satisfying loading, unloading and storage requirements. The load quality of the pallet should be less than or equal to 2 tons. In order to ensure safety in transit, the center of gravity of the cargo should not exceed two-thirds of the pallet width.Plastic Tray

According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods on the pallet and the size of the pallet, we can reasonably determine the way the goods are placed on the pallet. The load-bearing surface area of the pallet should generally be no less than 80%. For pallet goods, the following requirements are required.Plastic Tray

Wood, paper and metal containers, such as hard straight side cargo single-layer or multi-layer staggered stacking, tensile or Shrink film packaging, paper or fiber-type cargo single layer of multi-layer stacking, with banding cross seal. Sealed metal containers, such as cylindrical cargo single or multi-layer stacking, wooden cargo cover reinforcement. Need to carry out moisture, waterproof and other protection of paper products, textile goods single layer or multi-layer staggered, tensile or Shrink film packaging goods to increase the angle support, cargo cover, such as reinforcement structure; fragile type of goods one-way or multi-layer stacking, increase wood support clapboard structure metal cylinder container or cargo single layer vertical, increase the cargo frame and slab reinforcement structure.Plastic Tray

Bag class goods multi-layer staggered compaction. Pallet bearing cargo Fixed mode, pallet load of goods carried out in a fixed way mainly banding, gluing binding, tensile packaging, and can be used with each other. Pallet carrying cargo protection and reinforcement.Plastic Tray 

Hydraulic trucks and forklifts in the use of pallet process, fork teeth between the distance should be as far as possible to relax to the outer edge of the tray fork, the depth of the fork should be greater than the entire pallet depth of more than 2/3. Hydraulic trucks and forklifts in the use of pallet movement process, should maintain uniform speed and retreat and up and down, to avoid the emergency brake, the sudden turn caused by damage to the pallet, causing the collapse of goods. Pallet on the shelves, should keep the pallet on the shelves on the smooth placement, pallet length should be greater than 50mm outside the diameter of the rack beam.Plastic Tray